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As a result, we are actually bringing MORE fundraising dollars into the school and using LESS volunteer hours than ever before. In addition, I enjoy the extra days that we now have as lunch options.

Pizza is great and a long time standard but it's nice to mix it up with order choices.

• LBO deals directly with the lunch vendors • Vendors can be easily changed or rotated to meet community needs • Parents can customize orders for their children weekly • LBO has an online order and payment system • Parents deal directly with LBO and not the school administration • LBO sends weekly itemized class lists for each vendor • Lunches are sorted by class and labelled with individual student names • Monthly fundraising statements are itemized and sent to administrator for confirmation and then electronically deposited • The customer service from our representative is immediate and excellent Our school community loves the option of being able to order quality lunches for their children.

Lunch Box Orders has given me the opportunity to provide quality food and service to our school community without the extra workload. As the volunteer coordinator for our school lunch program for the last six years, I wish we had discovered Lunchbox Orders six years ago!

The meals arrive hot, on time, individually labelled and ready to go. To top it all off, the vendors come in with prices that most communities can manage. Her customer service and communication are ongoing and excellent.

When we switched to Lunchbox Orders, we could have opted to raise our selling price on our lunches to keep profitability the same. Instead, we decided to add extra days and vendors to the lunch program, keeping our pricing to families the same on our long running pizza days. My son is a picky eater so I love that I can customize his order.Although the less management of cash for the school administration is a definite bonus, there are many more benefits to the Lunch Box Orders community partnership.Lunch Box Orders has been an extreme time-saver for me, and here is why…It required huge amounts of planning and tracking, checking with the Healthy Food policy and procedure, and then arrived at the school needing school staff to hand it out, chase missing orders, etc. The switch to Lunchbox has been nothing short of phenomenal.We are in control of our days, the cost, the vendor and the time. No scrambling to buy items on sale, finding parents to help, taking over the school kitchen, or dealing with forgotten orders. And you have the option to build in small fees as a fundraiser. She spent time with us explaining how the program would work.

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As a school, we saved time with the administration of having to provide lunches, the teachers or secretary were not collecting or counting money and were able to focus on more important academic issues.

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