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Find “The Second Story” on i Tunes - Hope you enjoy! Remember - these two feisanna run back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.

[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Mandated: Ann Hall USA Charmaine Chase Australia David Smith Scotland Esther Bromley Italy Hilary Joyce-Owens England Kathleen Keady-Walsh USA Linda Martyn Ireland Lu Ann O’Rourke-Boyd USA Niall O’Leary USA Tanya Dirrane England Self-Nominating: Annette Doolan Kane Ireland Chris Mc Partland England Claire Usher-Mc Morrow Ireland Darren Maguire USA Denise Elebert Ireland Jonathan Mc Morrow Ireland Kathleen Maguire-O’Shea England Katie Maguire-Mc Morrow England Kerry Cooney-Nutley England Liam Harney USA Mandy Hennigan England Marie Duffy Pask England Mary Kay Heneghan USA Miceal Hopkins USA Noreen Mc Cutcheon Scotland Pat Hall USA Sean Hennigan England Siobhan Dorman Ireland [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Bromley Esther Italy Chase Charmaine Australia Dirrane Tanya UK Hall Anne USA Joyce Hilary UK Keady Walsh Kathleen USA Martyn Linda Ireland O'Leary Niall USA O'Rourke Boyd Luann USA Smith David Scotland [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] The Celtic Arts Center Los Angeles meets on Monday nights in North Hollywood.

Another thing to note, the last two times we were at this feis, it rained, so walking to the venue wasn't possible anyway.

(NT) -- my two cents, 01/02/18 Tue The Queen Anne Hotel - not the cheapest, but a beautifully restored San Fran mansion.

Colourful birds of paradise with tree of life shawl. Check the requirements below and submit your audition to [email protected] In The Share now with your dance friends and dance schools! - Must be 16 years of age or older - Open Championship Level - Available from February 19th - March 26th - Submit a 30 second soft shoe piece and 30 second hard shoe piece along with your C. to [email protected] In The - Deadline to submit auditions is Friday, January 12th #5th Anniversary Tour [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] 20 yrs ago it O Connor feis in Glendale, then Celtic Gold, St Ambrose, , Feis at the Fair, Brothers Feis, Claddagh, St Ambrose, San Diego, SF ,also SF in Jan, Tony C Xmasfeis. (NT) -- Great memories, 01/10/18 Wed Brand new album by Katie Grennan (TCRG, feis musician, and current fiddle player of band Gaelic Storm – featured in the movie Titanic) is now available on i Tunes.

https:// Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Beautiful white satin Taylor dress. Two Step Productions is now accepting applicants for the upcoming 5th Anniversary Tour for Rhythm in the Night, The Irish Dance Spectacular! , 01/08/18 Mon We live in SF, so not my dd's first feis, but her first feis we ever traveled to. It was because of that feis we started traveling to others, but that one was the best.

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