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My School".[6] Yang Yoseob attended Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts (formerly known as Dong-Ah Broadcasting College) and has graduated in 2014.

The group has released two studio albums, eight Korean mini-albums and various singles. Along with fellow Beast member Junhyung, MC Lee Hyukjae, Moon Heejun (formerly of H. T.) and Kim Sook, Yang welcomed Japanese tourists for the "Visit Seoul 2010" campaign, where Korean celebrities and Japanese tourists explored Seoul through MBC's Star Guide Doshiraku to boost visibility of Seoul's famous landmarks and cuisine.

The song features sorrowful lyrics of a man who has no choice but to let go of his lover.

Yoseob released his solo album on November 26, 2012.

Let me clarify these are rumors because 1)they did not admit it and 2) there are no further evidences that can support the claim.

Yoseob became a JYP Entertainment trainee, but left after receiving a bad grade from practice reviews.

On September 27, 2011, KBS's 'Poseidon' released part one of their original soundtrack series which featured Yoseob's vocals.

His song, "No", was a collaboration piece between Rado (of Huh Gak's "Hello") and production duo Ji In and Wontag, the men behind MBLAQ's latest releases.

Suddenly, the boys heard that one of the member's sister who they've known for a while will debut in a girl group as well with only 4 members.

Is it destiny who brought them together again after knowing each other for years?

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He also became a permanent cast member on KBS's Oh! 100 Points out of 100), along with other idols such as MBLAQ's Lee Joon, Secret's Hyoseong, T-ara's Soyeon, Miss A's Min, and Simon D.

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