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The body produces even more endorphins than usual once you plunge it into cold water, and according to sea swimming disciples, there's no better feeling than leaving your problems on the shore.

Given the interaction with nature, it definitely beats a treadmill as a way to stay healthy.

You'll find no shortage of great cosy snugs in Ireland - The Sadler's Well in Athboy, O'Shea's in Borris and The Lord Edward or Kehoe's in Dublin.

The Scandis have their own famous Nordic knits, so it stands to reason that for real cosiness, Aran jumpers would feature quite prominently in teolaí.

In time, it will become a lasting artefact of legacy on par with the Mary Robinson tapestry rug. Whether it comes from under a woolly president or not, our enduring love affair - nay, dependence - on tea is pure teolaí.

When it comes to cosiness and warmth, our very way of being would put the Scandis in the shade.Hygge has become so popular that Scotland has now declared its own homespun brand of lifestyle.Visit Scotland has declared còsagach - an old Celtic word for feeling snug and sheltered - as the new hygge.For even more teolaí points, add Ballymaloe Relish, soda bread or a deliciously doughy Waterford blaa.This may not strike you as being immediately teolaí, what with the freezing cold water bit, but come Christmas Day, you'd be hard pressed to find people as happy as those who have managed to take a dip in the Irish Sea before tucking into Christmas dinner.

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