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Relationships that have open and consistent communication often have fewer issues.[Read: How to improve communication and get over trust issues in your relationship] #2 Don’t isolate yourself.If you feel disconnected from your partner because of this, you should strive to find how you could work together through this time.Be patient, and continue to be supportive of each other.Mind reading is not a common skill, and by stalling communication, you won’t help the situation.

If you don’t believe that your needs are being met, and that perhaps your partner doesn’t care anymore, it is extremely easy to feel alone in a relationship.

[Read: 18 relationship turn offs that will soon ruin your relationship] What can you do to stop feeling lonely?

It is important to do a number of things when you’re starting to feel lonely in your relationship, and the following can help you start mending the disconnect you’re feeling. The absolute first thing you should do is talk to your partner about your feelings, and the concerns you have with your relationship.

[Read: The right way to make new friends when you can’t find any friends] #5 Be nice to yourself.

Just because you’re feeling lonely in your relationship and experiencing some challenges in your life, doesn’t mean you need to become hard on yourself.

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