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BOTTLE OF BEER: .00 CHANCE OF HOOKING-UP IN SAO PAULO: 7.5/10 Believe it or not, you have just as good of a chance of hooking up with a girl here in Sao Paulo as you do in Rio de Janeiro, maybe better. Don't feel the need to lie about how long you'll be in town, because the girls here aren't looking for a longterm relationship or a sugar daddy.Sao Paulo is no different than New York or Los Angeles.You see a fine mulatta dressed in high heels and a tight dress and you think, "right, I'm having that." These girls satisfy your .2) Florianopolis: Girls in Florianopolis activate your socially-conditioned notions of female hotness.The media tells you that tall, tanned, young and lovely blondes that you see in the magazines are the standard to which all other women shall be judged.

My body type is average, my height is 163 cm and my weight is between 60 and 64 kg. Nightlife in Sao Paulo is among the best of any city I have been to. If you don't have a group to go out with and and uncomfortable going at it solo, a better option is the Casa Club Bar.Hell, chances are that you'll be sleeping here anyway so it will be a short walk home.“ I am the dreamy woman, romantic the old fashioned, playful, smiling and who knows what she wants ... Because life has taught me that an independent smile in which way you feel can change many things ..I am the one that life has proved that nothing is impossible, just fight and want.

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