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Here are nine ploughlands ; two in de- mesne ; and seven held by fourteen villeins and twelve cottagers. The mills yield thirty-seven shillings and sixpence.

Peter, Winchester, holds Anne Abbof B [now Abbofs An7ie, Y *^^ ^^^ always held ii In King (Andover Edward s time, it was assessed at fifteen hides ; now at Himdred.) eight hides. The manor is valued in Pope Nicho Us^s Taxation (A.

Here are [also] six ploughlands and a half in demesne ; and five villeins and two cottagers have a ploughland and a half ; with nineteen serfs and seven acres of meadow.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. De regibus Anglorum qui, terrenum imperium relik* QUBNTBS, AD VITAM MONASTICAM 8E TRANSTULERUNT - 17 CHAPTER X. Cu Bo Nic A Reois Adulphi • - - - - 22 VI TABLE OF CX)NTENTS. [The Mis Mion of Grimbald, und hi» addrcs» to tho Coimcil held in London] - - - 35 § 4. — Summary of the chicf cventa of his reign] - - - - 44 § 6. Boundaries of Manningford, in Wiltshire, granted to New Minstcr by King Ethelrcd; A.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Unde Saxones qui in Anglla REGNANT TRAXERUNT O&IOINEM 18 CHAPTER XI. Testamentum Alfredi Regis incliti, in lingua Haxonica - - - - • - 62 § 7. Boundarics of The Jfyd*- Moor M, in Hamp- shirc, similarly granted ; A.

a 2 4 The works to be published in octavo, separately, as they were finished ; the whole responsibility of the task resting upon the cditors, who were to be chosen by the Master of the Kolls with the sanction of tho Treasury. Privilcgium de Lcghford, concessum a Kogo Edrodo, anno primo regni sui - - - 161 [Boondarics of the lauds so granted in Anglo- Haxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 162 § 6. Doimtio dc villa dc Hcahtunc, a Rcgo Edwyo in Novum Mouasterium Wyntonia\ aimo se- cundo rcg^i sui - - . 167 [Boundarics of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 16S ( 3. Carta Privilegii Edgari benignissimi principis concessa Novo Monasterii Wyntoniaa, quod modo Hyda appellatur - - - - 192 § 3. Donatio Etheldredi Regis do Heanfcune in Novum Monasterium Wyntonia;, quod modo dicitur Hyda, anno regni sui quarto - - - 217 [Roondaries of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 218 § 3.

The Lords of Her Majesty'8 Treasury, after a careful consideration of the subject, expressed their opinion in a Treasury Minute, dated February 9, 1857, that the plan recommended by the Master of the E/Olls "was well ealculated for the accomplishment of this important national object, in an effectual and satisfiictory mannery within a reasonable time, and provided proper attention be paid to cconomy, in making the dctailed arrange- ments, without unnecessary expense." They expressed their approbation of the proposal that cach chronicle and historical document should be edited in such a manner as to represent with all possible cor- rectness the tcxt of each writer, derived from a co Uation of tho best MSS., and that no notes should be added, except such as werc illustrative of tho various readings. LIBER MONASTERIl DE HYDA; COMPBISING A CHRONICLE OF THE AFFAIRS OF ENGLAND, FROM THE SETTLEMENT OF THE SAXONS TO THE REIGN OF KIN6 CNUT; AND A CHARTULARY OF THE ABBEY OF HYDE, IN HAMPSHIRE. Donatio Edulfi sacerdoti B de quinque mansis apud Legford, iu Novum Monastcrium Wyntoniu) — [In Anglo-Saxon, Middlc English, and Latin] - 165 CHAPTER XVin. Privilcgium do Stotwc H, concesifum a Rego £d- wyo, anno primo rcgni sui - - - 170 [Boundaries of the lands so grantcd in Anglo- Saxon, Middle Englinh, and Latin] - - 171 ( 4. — [In Anglo-Saxon, Middlc Englitth, and Latin] • - - 173 ( 5. Carti do Dunkstone, Titellescumbe, et Wynter- bume --.--- 202 [Boundaries of tbc lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 203 CHAPTER XX. Donatio Regis Etheldredi de pratis quod modo The Hyde Mooris appellamus, in Novum Mo- nasterium Wyntonifl B, quod modo dicitur Hyda, anno regni sui quinto - - - - 228 [Boundaries of the lands so granted in Anglo- Saxon, Middle English, and Latin] - - 229 § 4.

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