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Each of them moves at a different speed and in its own direction, which makes predicting seismic activity in such areas extraordinarily difficult. The Tehuantepec earthquake happened just offshore, within the Cocos plate, at a depth of approximately 37 miles.The plate tectonics here get complicated, but essentially the oceanic Cocos plate slides underneath the North American continental plate, dipping some 50 degrees.The magnitude of the main event was so great that it reactivated numerous shallow faults, triggering a seemingly endless series aftershocks: the release of energy accumulated over decades.

Prescription and controlled medication must be accompanied by a prescription from the prescribing physician on letterhead stationery and include the medication's generic name.

If you are entering Mexico across its land borders (with the United States, Guatemala or Belize) you must obtain and complete a Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) either in advance online or upon arrival in Mexico from the immigration office and ensure your passport is stamped by Mexican immigration officials.

This FMM form typically includes permission to visit the country for 180 days.

Scientists know remarkably little about how this subduction, as it’s called, affects seismicity – not here, and not in other regions with similarly complex topography.

In this part of the Mexican Pacific coast there is also what’s called a “triple-junction zone,” meaning that the boundaries of three tectonic plates intersect here – in this case, the Cocos, North America and Caribbean plates.

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In the pre-Hispanic epoch, inhabitants of the country’s central zone reported on earthquakes in their “códices,” or indigenous records, attributing the shaking to the wrath of their gods.

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